The Probe is an independent news media platform. As an independent media outlet we are privileged to have unfettered freedom without external influencers be it commercial or political.

Our core values:

  • Investigations
  • Solutions
  • Impact
  • Development

It’s our endeavour to be a distinct news media organisation and not just a different media outlet. We design and develop solutions to bring in impact on social issues. We are of the strong view that our rigour in research and investigative reporting following a solution centric approach that is focused on impact will lead to development.

The very transformations we strive to bring through impact journalism is what positions The Probe as a unique media outlet that uses the power of Journalism as a tool for social change.  The mission statement of The Probe was launched on August 15, 2020. The Probe is founded by Prema Sridevi, an Investigative Journalist with over two decades of experience, working with some of the premiere TV news media brands of India.

In early 2000, while pursuing her studies in Journalism, Prema Sridevi established a weekly newspaper in her neighbourhood. In 2005, she joined the Times Network as a television correspondent. With an outstanding track record, she was part of some of the biggest news breaks of the country and a member of the core team and launch team of two of India’s leading television news brands in a career spanning 20 years.

Over the years, as a Journalist, Prema Sridevi has reported on several subjects related to accountability, transparency, corruption, misuse of public office, terrorism, internal security, to name a few. Many of her stories were taken cognisance by India’s investigation agencies and Government bodies. Prema Sridevi quit mainstream news television in 2019 and launched her own digital news media organisation ‘The Probe’ to pursue Independent Journalism. Read more

Prema Sridevi

Founder | Editor in Chief

The Probe is part of the global Slow Journalism movement. We strongly identify with the idea of slowing down the way news is covered by traditional media. We are committed to inform and empower our audiences rather than entertain them. While thousands of news media outlets vie with each other to cover the same news stories in different forms, our focus will be on stories that are original and those which add value to our members.

Given the current state of media, globally and in India, we need to ask ourselves: 

  • Should Journalism only highlight a crisis? 
  • Should journalists not work towards solutions and reforms? 
  • Why are news rooms less diverse? 
  • Shouldn’t Journalism be more inclusive? 
  • Shouldn’t people for whom the news is intended be the largest stakeholders of Journalism instead of political parties or corporate entities? 
  • Through The Probe, we endeavour to address these critical questions.


Our membership driven revenue model helps us forge deeper ties with our readers. It places our members at the heart of our editorial mission. The Probe is one of the few news media outlets in the country which has taken a principled stand on being selective on its sources of revenues for its survival and growth. We have declared our platform Ad Free to safeguard our independence. Our Ad Free policy is a default offering and not a reserved privilege to paying members. As a media organisation, we have opted to open our doors to collaborate with organisations & individuals who share our passion to work on social impact projects. We at The Probe believe that our collective will is far greater than the obstacles around us.

We are headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. You can follow The Probe’s social media handles here:


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We are part of the Slow Journalism revolution

We will not go after breaking news stories. We are about unbreaking news. We believe that getting it right is more important than getting it first. We will not get caught in the everyday din and bustle of news and lose the moon for the stars. We don’t want to do rushed Journalism; we will instead focus on quality, accuracy, depth and context. We are of the firm belief that good Journalism takes time.

Impact Journalism is at the heart of our mission

Journalism is a process not a product. We see Journalism as a force that can drive social impact. What good is Journalism if it cannot impact people’s lives? We believe that stories should drive reforms, change policies, spark public debates, call for action and bring about impact. Our vision is to do stories that encourage action and spur reforms.

Our Journalism is Independent. Our news platform is Ad Free.

We do not align with or submit to any external ideologies or groups whether political, corporate or cultural. As an editorial policy, we have decided to keep our Journalism free from the pressures of advertisement based revenues. Our Ad Free policy is a default offering and not a reserved privilege to paying members. While we remain open to sponsorships on social impact projects, we will exercise complete editorial control on the execution of the social impact initiatives.

We will focus on deep-dive stories and Investigative Journalism

We believe that Journalism must give voice to the voiceless and hold people and institutions in power to account. This kind of Watchdog Journalism requires immense efforts, time, resources and freedom. We are fiercely independent and our independence enables us to seek truth and speak truth to power. While we hold others to account, we will also hold ourselves accountable.

We will bring you fact based stories from credible sources

News cannot be aligned to the left or to the right, it is based on facts that are either right or wrong. We are often surrounded by news that either misinforms us or misleads us with opinions disguised as facts. The question is, in such a scenario, who can we trust to tell us the truth as it is. We want to be the answer. We will only focus on stories that matter and bring you fact based stories from credible sources that will help you make informed choices.

We will cut through the noise and be the voice of the silent majority

In the pursuit of truth, we don’t want to be blinded by bias. We understand that no single entity is the custodian of truth. We believe that Journalism must lend a voice to all communities. We wish to ensure that those who wield power and influence do not stifle the voice of the common citizen. Our Journalism is inclusive and we will focus on being the voice of the masses that often get left out in the coverage of news.

We see Journalism as a participatory exercise. We will actively engage with you.

Journalism cannot be a lecture or a monologue anymore. It is a conversation and the best conversations involve collaboration. We see you as the driving force behind our stories and we hope to get enriched by your constructive criticism, insights and support. This way we will make you the largest stakeholder in our Journalism by breaking away from the traditional format of news that is dictated by a few Editors and some large lobbies.

Our focus is on solutions. We don’t want to be part of the problem.

Today, news tends to sensationalise issues. We believe there is an urgent need to bring in far more sensibility while delivering news. Journalists tend to focus on problems as it is easier to highlight problems than provide solutions. We want to focus on a constructive discourse that facilitates appropriate solutions to issues. Journalism should serve a greater purpose. That is why our focus is on Solutions Journalism (SOJO). We believe that solutions create impact and impact leads to development.

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