In frames: Haunting images from Delhi during Covid-19 lockdown - The Probe

In frames: Haunting images from Delhi during Covid-19 lockdown

The haunting imagery of the lockdown captured on an iPhone that won hearts

During the four-month lockdown, when Delhi was deserted, Photographer Parul Sharma captured the haunting images of the National Capital in her photo frames using an iPhone. The evocative visual imagery that followed brings to life the most terrifying times of Delhi during lockdown.

Parul Sharma left her job in 2017 to pursue her passion for photography. Speaking to The Probe, she said “I started capturing these images from the 3rd of April 2020. These photographs have been received well and I am very happy that I was there to witness these terrible moments and I could make the world witness what I saw during the peak of the lockdown”.

A Covid dead body at the Nigambodh Ghat electric crematorium

A Covid dead body being electrically cremated

Covid dead bodies brought to a graveyard for burial

A homeless person sitting on the street and talking to himself

Janpath’s famous Pratap florist who was out of business during the lockdown

A deserted New Delhi railway station

A lonely man sitting at the deserted New Delhi railway station

A migrant family living under a flyover in Rohini

A physically challenged child stuck in Delhi during the lockdown

A migrant labourer breastfeeding her child

Children of migrant workers stranded on the streets of Delhi

Son of a migrant worker during the peak of the lockdown

Delhi’s covid warriors

Dr Rajesh Malhotra, Chief, Covid Care Unit, Trauma Centre, AIIMS

A doctor at the thick of his Covid duty

An abandoned newborn child who died of Covid

Last rites of the abandoned child being performed by a community member

A newborn held closely by the mother at Lady Hardinge hospital


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