Delhi in the last 24 hours: a night of mourning - The Probe

Delhi in the last 24 hours: a night of mourning

These are the visuals that we captured yesterday in Delhi. Over 100 dead bodies were cremated at the Old Seemapuri Cremation Ground in East Delhi. Over 20 dead bodies were still in waiting as there was no space to accommodate their cremations. This was the situation in just one of the numerous cremation centres in Delhi. This is perhaps one of the worst tragedies the national capital has ever seen in the last many years. 

A daughter cries inconsolably for a dead parent.

A man who lost his father was seen pleading with the authorities to cremate his father immediately. He said, “I have a 5 year old alone at home, my wife is seriously ill in a hospital”.

A good samaritan who was seen helping relatives of victims in cremating dead bodies. We are told he refused to go home and he sleeps in his car next to the cremation centre.

A man is seen weeping and praying for his dead relative.

Numerous dead bodies being burnt as far as you can see in Delhi’s old Seemapuri Cremation Center

Family members seen mourning through the night

More dead bodies in waiting for their turn to be cremated

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