NCPCR to act on criminals who employ children | The Probe Impact - latest News of India Today

NCPCR to act on criminals who employ children | The Probe Impact

First Published: Apr 10,2021 07:20AM

The Probe’s reportage on child gravediggers in various parts of the country has been taken note by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). The Probe team spoke to Chairperson of the NCPCR Priyank Kanoongo who said that the Commission will take action against offenders who employ children in the graveyards. “This is a crime. When you give us more information on the criminals who are employing these children… NCPCR will consider people who employ children as criminals. NCPCR’s request to you is to immediately provide us with information, as soon as you provide information, we will ensure that FIR is lodged against the perpetrators and the children are sent under a rehabilitation plan,” Kanoongo said.

The Probe’s expose on the child gravediggers in India showed that children were digging graves, brooming graveyards, plastering and cementing graves in many parts of the country during the pandemic. The Probe has officially sent the details of the graveyards shown in our story to both the Child Helpline and NCPCR.

Watch our original child gravediggers impact story here.

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