Yamuna Clean-Up: Farmers Face Eviction Without Rehabilitation

Yamuna clean-up: Farmers face eviction without rehabilitation package despite proof of land ownership

First Published: Mar 31,2022 11:00PM
by Prema Sridevi

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been conducting demolition drives and bulldozing farmlands of farmers living on the Yamuna flood plains. Thousands of farmers who live on the banks of river Yamuna face eviction today, despite most of them having ownership proof of their land. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has still not put in place a rehabilitation package for the farmers who face displacement.

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The farmers are being accused of polluting the Yamuna river. Are these claims valid? Can the farmers be evicted without a rehabilitation package when they have documentary evidence related to ownership proof of the land?

Sourav Rai and Shivam Tyagi bring this on-ground deep dive report from Delhi.

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