Any formidable task that touches and transforms lives is always accomplished when compassion, visionary zeal and tireless action go hand in hand. Have you ever felt that the experience and insights you gathered, yearned to see that magical transformation by way of a project of significant social relevance? Have you thought of entrusting such a project to a team of professionals who will never compromise on ethics? If you have, do share with us such projects of social interest that you believe will bring about the change you envisioned. You could be the one to nurture and nourish such a project. As an Oracle Member, we invite you to shepherd a project and explore boundless possibilities of your vision that can touch, heal and transform lives and livelihood.

It is not very often you find a digital news platform like The Probe getting launched. These uncertain times require actions with great certitude. We believe that the transformative power of our reportage combined with your support will help us do justice to our social impact projects. You can collaborate with us on social impact projects in areas of public health, environment, climate change, woman empowerment, child rights, transparency in governance, inclusivity and other sectors. While you nourish the project, we will exercise complete editorial control over the projects to ensure that there is no breach of journalistic principles.

These social impact initiatives require in-depth field work, research and extensive coordination across many people and places. We are keen to take it up and bring out reports and stories based on flawless investigation and meticulous scrutiny. However, as you are aware, projects of this magnitude demand extensive infrastructure, logistics and manpower support. This is the tipping point. You could join hands with The Probe by identifying socially relevant projects that you believe could bring in positive transformations in the lives of people.

We belong to a small but distinguished group of independent journalists who believe digital news media platforms should be Ad Free. Such platforms should not focus on immediate gains. We believe your support will help us execute socially relevant projects on issues that must be addressed and problems that must be solved. My team and I bring to the table decades of experience in investigative journalism that leads to policy change and reforms.

Prema Sridevi 

Founder, Editor in Chief 

The Probe


Please fill the form and click on the submit button to send us a proposal on collaboration on social impact projects. Please note that we will accept Oracle Members only after a proper due diligence protocol is followed and subject to a formal approval by Editorial Board of The Probe. After the Board’s approval you will receive a communication, requesting you to sign an MoU on the project. After signing the MoU, we will look forward to welcoming you on board as The Probe’s Oracle Member