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Is the Fourth Estate in the world's largest democracy crumbling? | Podumentary

By The Probe
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In the last few weeks, the Gyanvapi case, mandir masjid debate, Nupur Sharma episode, Udaipur murder and several other stories have made headlines. While these issues have been discussed at length by our media, the media's role in reporting these events is often pushed to the backburner. Many mainstream media organisations, especially TV channels, have virtually taken sides and done spiteful reporting to spread propaganda for vested interests. Is the Indian media playing the role of a watchdog? Is the fourth estate in the world's largest democracy crumbling? In this Podumentary, we discuss the state of the Indian media.


Bhupen Goswami, Vice President, National Union of Journalists (India)
Chitra Subramaniam, senior journalist

Geetartha Pathak, President, Indian Journalists Union

Manoranjan Bharti, Vice President, Press Club of India

Niranjan Takle, senior journalist and author

Sanjay Kapoor, Editor, Hardnews magazine and Secretary, Editors Guild of India

Ullekh NP, Executive Editor, Open Magazine