Why is the Indian Air Force still flying the MiG-21? | Podumentary

MiG-21: Is the Indian Air Force ready for a transition? | The Probe Podumentary

The accident-prone MiG-21s have been infamously called the flying "coffin" or "widowmaker" in India. India is about to retire the MiG-21s by 2025 but are we ready for the transition yet?
First Published: Aug 25,2022 10:22PM


Every few months, India wakes up to the news of a MiG-21 crash. Last month, again, a MiG-21 crashed in Rajasthan’s Barmer, claiming the lives of two Indian Air Force pilots. In 2012, former Defence Minister AK Antony told the Parliament that out of the 872 MiG aircraft purchased from Russia, more than half had crashed, claiming the lives of more than 200 persons, including 171 pilots. So, why is the Indian Air Force still flying the MiG 21s? Hear this Podumentary out!



Air Marshal Anil Chopra (retd)

Director General

Centre for Air Power Studies


Air Commodore Prashant Dikshit (retd)


Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak (retd)

Founding Additional Director, Centre for Air Power Studies


Former Air Marshal Pranab Kumar Barbora


Group Captain Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (retd)


Snehesh Alex Philip

Defence journalist
Deputy Editor, The Print 


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