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Notorious Tihar Jail Needs Urgent Reforms | Podumentary

By The Probe
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Tihar Jail in Delhi is South Asia's largest complex of prisons. The jail has been home to some of the rich, mighty and dangerous inmates and has often been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It is one of the most notorious jails in the country. Over the years, the jail has witnessed all sorts of crimes: murder, rape, child abuse, jailbreaks, gang wars, drug trafficking, and terrorism, to name a few. But the successive administrations have been unable to curb the notoriety of this prison. Hear this podumentary out!


Sanjeev Kumar, former IAS officer who served his sentence in Thar jail for 10 years

Sanjay Vohra, senior journalist

Sunil Gupta, former Law Officer, Tihar Jail

Tariq Salam, former Superintendent, Tihar jail

Subodh Markandeya, senior advocate, Supreme Court