Death Due To Medical Negligence At Hindu Rao Hospital?

Death Due To Medical Negligence At Hindu Rao Hospital?

We bring you a disturbing story of alleged medical negligence at the Hindu Rao Hospital, the largest hospital under the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. Sunita Ranjan's husband, Manish Ranjan, was brought to the hospital with minor symptoms of dengue, but within two days, Manish died in the hospital. Sunita's revelations of what happened at Hindu Rao during the intervening period will shock you.
First Published: Apr 30,2023 06:10PM
by Pavitra Utgikar & Bhaswati Sengupta

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  1. JEFFREY LAWRENCE 30 April, 2023 at 22:37 Reply

    Well confronted that medical superintendent
    Well Done The Team Probe
    Voice for the voiceless
    i’m so happy to see and proud of The Probe

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