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Delhi Gangrape: Pursuit of Justice in the Face of Perpetual Threats

Delhi Gangrape Survivor Relives Republic Day Horror and Ongoing Threats in Quest for Justice.

By The Probe Staff
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On 26th January last year, as India celebrated Republic Day, a chilling crime was committed in the heart of Delhi that shook the conscience of the nation. A young woman fell victim to a brutal gangrape. Beyond the heinous sexual assault, the perpetrators blackened her face and body, brutally chopped off her hair, and subjected her to a gruesome display of violence which involved kicking, punching, and assaulting her with bats, sticks, and rubber pipes. After this, they paraded her in a public spectacle on Delhi's bustling streets.

Today, more than a year after the traumatising incident, her battle for justice remains relentless. We had the opportunity to speak to this brave soul, who, despite the emotional scars, has been attending court sessions in pursuit of justice for the ordeal she endured.

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Delhi Gangrape Survivor Recounts the Horror

"On 26th January, I was at my house in Karkardooma, where I used to stay on rent. My younger sister, Shilpi, was on her way from Kasturba Nagar to deliver some wheat flour to me. It was during her journey that the culprits, who had a vendetta against me, began tailing her, eventually reaching my residence. When I descended from the third floor to greet my sister on the street below, they were already there. They had cornered my sister, and soon, they turned their violent intentions towards me. They began by forcibly cutting my hair. They flooded me with kicks and punches, eventually forcing me into an auto. With scissors in hand, they continued to chop off my hair. There were multiple attackers in that auto, and they abducted me and took me to Kasturba Nagar."

The Delhi gangrape survivor was a mere 20 years old when she became the target of this grotesque act of violence. As a married woman and mother of a young child, she continues her relentless pursuit for justice. The roots of this horrifying incident trace back to her alleged refusal of unsolicited sexual advances from a young boy. The boy took his own life, leading his family to place the blame on the woman, spurring their quest for revenge. The survivor told our team that not only men but women and children too were participants in this horrific crime.

The survivor further elaborated on the terrifying sequence of events: "Once they took me to Kasturba Nagar, their violence knew no bounds. They brutalised me with plastic bats, rubber pipes, and sticks. The kicks and punches seemed never-ending. They gangraped me. They shaved my entire head, leaving me bald, and then they smeared my face and body with black paint. They adorned me with a garland made of slippers, ridiculing and dehumanising me by throwing money at me. They forced me to endure the humiliation of being paraded on the streets multiple times.”

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She adds, “After the public display of cruelty, they took me back to the same house and subjected me to another round of unspeakable acts. They took turns violating me, with three men committing the gangrape. They even forced their private parts into my mouth. This entire nightmare stretched for nearly one and a half hours. The police intervention came much later. If they hadn’t arrived, I’m certain they would have killed me. Yet, even in the presence of the law enforcement officers, the crowd remained defiant and aggressive. When the police tried to rescue me, they threatened the cops saying they would not let me escape and that they would kill me.”

Delhi Gangrape: Police Inaction and Victim's Quest for Justice Amidst Threats

As more details about the harrowing Delhi gangrape emerge, serious concerns arise regarding the efficiency and responsiveness of the police. It has been revealed that the victim had previously alerted the police about threats she was facing, but these warnings were not acted upon in time. Prompt police action on her alerts might have circumvented this horrifying ordeal.

Tej Pratap Singh, the counsel representing the victim, expressed his dismay over the series of events that led to the assault, "The cruelty inflicted upon her on 26th January 2022 is something I even feel ashamed of. Describing it on this platform seems inappropriate given its horrific nature." He continued, "The onus of inaction rests squarely on the police. Multiple complaints, at least two to three, had been lodged by the victim before the incident, pointing out that she was receiving regular threats from specific individuals. Yet, no meaningful action was taken by the police. She was never called in for further discussion, nor was an officer appointed for her case."

Tej Pratap also shed light on the massive number of people involved in the assault and the subsequent obstruction of police intervention. "Many of those who obstructed the police from reaching the victim are yet to be apprehended," he noted.

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Delhi Gangrape: Continued Threats for the Brave Survivor

According to the survivor, the same perpetrators who victimised this brave woman continue to torment her. Even as she attends court proceedings, she faces mockery and intimidation. In a setting where one would expect safety, within the confines of the court, the family of the accused reportedly tries to intimidate her. Yet, her unwavering commitment to seeking justice remains strong.

Singh, highlighting the ongoing trauma the victim faces, said, "The mental and physical trauma she endured cannot be undone. Only time can heal such profound wounds. Our role is to ensure swift justice." Speaking on the challenges she faces, he added, "She's currently pregnant, and undergoing cross-examination, a process which is stressful and potentially harmful for both her and her unborn child."

He also expressed concern about the hostile environment the survivor faces even within the courtroom. "Relatives of the accused regularly taunt and threaten her in the court premises in hopes of altering her statement. Yet, her spirit remains unbroken." Singh also criticised the behaviour of the defence lawyers, mentioning their inappropriate conduct and irrelevant questions about the victim's past.

Sharing her anguish, the survivor recounted, "Several of those involved, including juveniles and children, were released. Five children were freed after just six months, and among them was a minor girl." Her voice laden with emotion, she continued, "The trauma is ever-present. Whenever I step into the court and glimpse their faces, the memories of their atrocities flood back. The pain and trauma they inflicted are relentless."

Every court appearance forcibly transports the survivor back to that harrowing day, with each sighting of her assailants resurrecting the trauma she endured. Yet, amidst this persistent trauma, she clings to the hope that not only will her attackers be held accountable but that her case will also serve as a strong deterrent against such heinous crimes.

Hoping for a just outcome, she added, "I earnestly hope the court rules in my favour and ensures the culprits face appropriate penalties. They need to be held responsible for their actions. Releasing them without just punishment will only embolden them. They must understand the magnitude of the pain they inflicted on someone's daughter. They, too, have daughters in their homes and should reflect on that."

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