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From breaking news to unbreaking the news, watch out for our slow journalism videos from October 23

By The Probe
New Update

Dear reader,

In the news landscape filled with the noise of breaking news, it is time to take a deep dive and focus on unbreaking the news.

We are very happy and proud to present to you our slow journalism initiative 'UnBreak The News with Prema Sridevi'.

Starting from October 23, 2021 (Saturday), every Saturday and Wednesday at 5 pm our Founding Editor Prema Sridevi will come to you with facts, perspectives, depth and context on the biggest news story of the week.

These videos will be available on The Probe and across all our social media platforms.

Do subscribe to Prema Sridevi's YouTube channel for first access to the videos. Click here to Subscribe to her YouTube channel and click on the bell icon for notifications.

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