No Education For Children of JJ Colony in Noida

No Education For Children Of JJ Colony in Noida

Sector 18 in Noida is one of the city's commercial and fashion hotspots, which houses several national media outlets, shopping malls, restaurants, clubs and discotheques. But behind this glitz and glamour is a resettlement colony of the poor called JJ Colony. While Noida is considered one of the most developed cities in Uttar Pradesh, the children of JJ colony do not go to school.
First Published: Apr 28,2023 08:55PM
by The Probe team

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  1. JEFFREY LAWRENCE 28 April, 2023 at 21:09 Reply

    Just saw for 7 minutes , such an emotional and touching video . The maturity of these small children is so much that if they will be given the proper education, they will surely shine great in their career . All 3 of them who wanted to be a doctor , police officer and an army officer . Well done The Probe Team . Well Narrated by Prema Sridevi

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