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Supertech case: Noida, Greater Noida residents face uncertainty

Noida, Greater Noida, Supertech Ecovillage and Twin Tower flat owners stare at an uncertain future | Request the government to step in

By The Probe
New Update

In December last year, we brought you stories of desperate flat owners of La Residentia apartments in Greater Noida who had waited for 10 years to get possession of their flats.

In this story, we bring you the harrowing stories of Noida and Greater Noida flat buyers who are staring at uncertainty over their flat purchase. The builder, Supertech, is yet to give possession of flats to many residents. Many others have possession, but they are trying hard to get their flats registered. What’s worse is yet another set of residents are staring at the demolition of their flats even when they had paid their hard-earned life savings on the purchase of these flats. Here is a report by The Probe’s Sourav Rai.