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Unseen footage of Sangla valley landslide horror caught on tape by survivor

The landslide survivor Naveen is seen capturing a video during the landslide that killed 9 tourists in Himachal Pradesh
First Published: Jul 27,2021 09:35PM
by Neeraj Thakur

A fierce landslide in Sangla valley in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district had killed 9 tourists and injured 3 others on Sunday. While dramatic visuals of the landslide have been doing rounds in the social media, The Probe has accessed the first visuals of the landslide that was caught on tape by a survivor.

Naveen, a resident of Mohali had captured the dramatic video of survival as the landslide struck the Sangla valley. In the selfie video, a blood-soaked Naveen is seen explaining the horror that struck him and the other tourists who were travelling in a tempo traveller when the incident occurred.

Naveen is seen saying in the video that he saved his life by hiding under a tree. Naveen is also seen making phone calls to the police in the video while boulders are seen falling from the hilltop. In the video, a blood-soaked second survivor Shiril Oberoi is also seen running towards Naveen. Both Naveen and Shiril are seen saying that they jumped off the tempo traveller’s window and saved their lives while the tempo rolled towards a ditch from the road. Out of the 11 tourists, only Naveen and Shiril survived the incident.


The IMD had earlier issued a warning for landslides in the region after predicting a heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh. Following the incident, many visuals of the fierce landslide did rounds on the social media but the selfie video caught by Naveen is one of the first videos that captures the danger that unfolded following the landslide.


After the Sangla incident, many other tourists were stranded in multiple places after many landslides triggered by heavy rainfall damaged the Sangla-Chitkul road. Video of a bridge collapsing in Basteri also went viral on social media that showed boulders rolling down the hilltop destroying the bridge.

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