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Civic Evangelist
The advantage of bringing in solutions is that someone in your audience who is in a position of power or influence might be in a position to take that solution forward. This kind of Impact Journalism will beat breaking news any day.
Senior Journalist
It requires courage to break away and start afresh. I hope this courage leads to the establishing of impeccable standards in Journalism through this new venture. God alone knows how much we need them. Eventually, we are what we do, not what we say we will do.
National and Diplomatic Affairs Editor, The Hindu
Journalism has to start recreating the idea that it is a public service. Journalism should hold the mirror up to society, to the Government, to people in power, to big businesses. It is called Mass Media for a reason because it has critical mass. I wish you all the success in this journey.
Editor, Hardnews magazine | Secretary, Editors Guild of India
The Probe, as your name itself suggests must probe and delve deeper. You must do stories which are being blocked out and you must focus on stories that are not being followed up. I think there is a niche for a publication or a medium like this and I really want your team to do well.
Athlete | President, Paralympic Committee of India
There has to be a news platform which is original, authentic, trustworthy and investigative. There is a dearth of platforms in the country that gives fact-based, credible news. I think that you can make a difference. We are pinning a lot of hopes on you.
Professor & Head, Department of Forensic Medicine, AIIMS
Media should be transparent and you should do factual stories. You should be independent and unbiased. I feel that along with information, journalists must also talk about solutions because solutions bring in reforms. Solutions Journalism helps public and it also helps the policy makers. I wish The Probe team the very best.
Former Special Secretary, R&AW
If you want unadulterated news and credible information then you’ve got to pay for it. If people can pay money to watch Netflix, they might as well spare a couple of hundreds for good Journalism.
Soli Sorabjee | The Probe
Former Attorney General of India
Be brave. Don't cave into any influence. If you are not independent, your soul is sold and if you sell your soul, you sell the soul of democracy in India.
Former Lokayukta
I want you to be bold. You should face the problems. You should not compromise. It's a wonderful step, therefore, I wish you all the best.
Former IAS Officer
Every true journalist is a hero in his or her own right because it takes courage to report the truth. I wish The Probe a great impactful and exciting journey ahead.
Director of Center for Social Research
Media has to be fair, free and without any consideration for that people-funded media is very important. My best wishes to The Probe.
Senior Journalist
Your approach of finding a solution is the kind of stuff that is being talked about worldwide and I think the scope for you in India is huge.
Veteran, Media & Entertainment Industry
You couldn't have chosen a better time to launch a start-up like the Fourth Estate and the brand called The Probe.


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