Dalit oppression is rising in India | UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi

Dalit Atrocities: India’s Harsh Reality | UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi | Ep 80

The Jalore incident where a Dalit boy was killed for allegedly drinking water from an earthen pot meant for upper caste people throws open the caste realities of India. Watch this new episode of UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi!
First Published: Aug 16,2022 10:15PM

UnBreak the News


A 9-year-old boy Inder Meghwal died on Saturday after being allegedly beaten up by his teacher for drinking water from an earthen pot meant for upper caste people. The incident took place in Jalore in Rajasthan. Government data shows that, even after 75 years of independence, atrocities against members of the Dalit community have been steadily increasing in our country. Dalit oppression and untouchability are a harsh reality in India. Prema Sridevi UnBreaks this News for you!

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