Freebie politics: Will it ever end? | Unbreak the News with Prema Sridevi | Ep: 83

The Supreme Court of India recently referred the decision on matter related to freebie culture in Indian politics to a three-judge bench. Much has been discussed in the past about freebie politics. Will this ever end? Watch this new episode of UnBreak the News!

By The Probe
New Update

The outgoing Chief Justice of India, N.V Ramana, has directed the plea against freebies promised by political parties ahead of elections to be heard by a 3-judge bench in view of the issue's complexity. The CJI has said that all promises cannot be equated to freebies as some are also related to welfare schemes for the public good. What constitutes a freebie, and why is it considered one of the biggest issues affecting our elections and democracy? Prema Sridevi UnBreaks this News for you!