Lawlessness in UP | Bulldozer politics reaches its peak | Unbreak the News with Prema Sridevi– Ep 63

Bulldozer Politics in Uttar Pradesh: Bulldozer justice strikes the core of constitutionalism, creating fear among people, least to say, of a particular community.

By The Probe
New Update

In the last many weeks, we have seen bulldozer politics being played out in various parts of the country, but in UP, bulldozer justice and bullying politics have reached their peak. In Uttar Pradesh, the principles of natural justice and the rule of law are being violated left, right and centre. The government is deploying bullying, revenge and intimidation tactics against those it considers miscreants even before the courts have found them guilty. But does this augur well for a democracy? Prema Sridevi UnBreaks this news for you.