Chandigarh University MMS scandal has more questions than answers

Chandigarh University MMS Scandal: Contradictions and Conflicting Versions | UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi | Ep: 92

The Chandigarh University girls hostel video leak case has thrown open more questions than answers with multiple contradictions and conflicting versions. Watch this latest episode of UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi!
First Published: Sep 20,2022 09:42PM

Huge protests erupted at Chandigarh University in Punjab on Sunday after disturbing news emerged from the girls hostel that private videos of several hostel girls were secretly recorded in the hostel bathroom and circulated on the internet. 

The students alleged that a girl leaked objectionable videos of at least 50 to 60 girls online, but the college rubbished the allegations. The students have alleged a massive cover-up by the college management and the police. 

This story is filled with conflicting versions and multiple contradictions. Prema Sridevi UnBreaks this news for you!

(Produced below are the transcripts of the video explainer from Episode: 92 | UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi | Title: Girls Hostel MMS Scandal: More Questions Than Answers) 

Huge protests erupted at Chandigarh University in Punjab on Sunday after disturbing news emerged from the girls hostel that private videos of several hostel girls were secretly recorded in the hostel bathroom and circulated on the internet. The college girls alleged that a female student leaked objectionable videos of at least 50 to 60 girls online. 

Speaking to the media, the students said that a few girls attempted suicide after hearing the news of their private videos being leaked, but the college rubbished the allegations. The students have alleged a massive cover-up by the university and the police. The viral videos related to the incident show the hostel warden acknowledging that objectionable videos of the girls were circulated, but the college management has rubbished all the allegations. The police have denied claims of objectionable videos of other girls being recorded and leaked online. But the FIR mentions the accused student purportedly confessing to the crime. This story is filled with multiple contradictions and more questions than answers. Let’s UnBreak this News. 

“Strip her naked and shoot her video. Send it to the boy. Make a poster of her naked picture. Shameless girl,” said the hostel warden of Chandigarh University to a female student of the college. The girl is accused of secretly recording videos of other female students taking a shower in the hostel bathroom. The hostel girls have alleged that obscene videos of nearly 60 girls were recorded and sent to a man by the girl, who in turn leaked them online. In the video that went viral, the hostel warden is seen grilling and threatening the accused student. 

Chandigarh University is a private university in the Mohali district of Punjab. The hostel warden was accused of not informing the police as soon as she learned of the incident. The video shows the warden acknowledging that the accused female student recorded obscene videos of other girls. The Probe has accessed a copy of the FIR in the case, in which the hostel manager, Ritu Ranaut, stated that the girl had purportedly confessed to the crime.

The varsity authorities suspended the two hostel wardens. However, before a forensic analysis of the instruments or an investigation by the police, the college management was quick to downplay the whole incident. In an official statement, the college stated: “There is another rumour which is circulating through media that an objectionable MMS has been found of different students. This is totally false and baseless. During the preliminary investigation conducted by the University, there have been no videos found of any student which are objectionable except a personal video shot by a girl which was shared by herself to her boyfriend”. 

While speaking to the media, many college girls said that some affected students attempted suicide after they heard about their private videos being circulated. “I used to stay in ‘B block’ of the hostel. The videos of girls from all four blocks – A, B, C and D – are going viral. The girl who has made the videos viral is an MBA student. She is our senior. That girl has shot videos of around 50 girls. For the last fifteen days, she has been shooting videos. She sent the videos to her boyfriend, and he made the videos of the girls go viral on the internet. The affected girl whose video went viral, her classmate… a boy sent her a text message along with a video saying, ‘sister, look what kind of videos of yours are being circulated on the internet’. She saw the video and immediately suffered a panic attack, and the warden is protecting the criminal. The accused girl is being shielded in a room,” said a student speaking to a regional media channel in Punjab.

Refuting the allegations, the college said in a statement: “There are rumours that girls have committed suicide whereas the fact is that no girl has attempted any such step. No girl has been admitted to hospital in the incident.” 

The Punjab police have also drawn flak for jumping the gun. Even before completing an investigation, the SSP of Mohali told the media that the accused student shot no objectionable video of other girls.

“Firstly, it is being reported on social media that some children have attempted suicide. It has also been reported that someone has died. This is completely wrong. No one has attempted suicide. The video that is doing the rounds of the girl who is being taken in the ambulance had an anxiety issue. She was given local treatment, and she is absolutely fine. Our team has interacted with her. No one has attempted suicide, and no death has been reported. This is the very first issue. Secondly, another rumour is doing the rounds that videos of other girls were also made. This is also completely wrong. So far, nothing has come to our notice regarding videos of other students,” said Mohali SSP Vivek Sheel Soni. 

The SSP told the media that if a person shares her own private videos with someone, it is not a crime. But the students have questioned the police for negating their serious allegations before the completion of the probe. The college girls have told the media that both the police and the university were brushing the matter under the carpet.

The police have arrested three people in the case, including the female student. Protests continued in the college, with students demanding the police to act against the college management for concealing the truth. The University issued an office order declaring a holiday for six days from September 19 to 24. 

The Punjab DGP has announced a probe by a three-member all-women Special Investigation Team. The traumatised girls of the hostel have claimed that the incident has taken a toll on them. Many terrified students have left the college hostel and returned to their homes. 

The Chandigarh University video leak case is filled with more questions than answers. As of now, speculations, rumour-mongering, and contradictions have added to the confusion over the incident. The story so far is replete with inconsistencies and conflicting versions. In the midst of the conundrum are hundreds of distressed college girls who have said that college life would never be the same again.

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