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Prophet Row: Hatemongers Threaten Communal Peace Again | Unbreak the News with Prema Sridevi | Ep:82

BJP has suspended its MLA Raja Singh for his hate speech. So was Nupur Sharma suspended a few months ago. Clearly, BJP's action against hatemongers is not working. Watch this new episode of UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi!

By The Probe
New Update

Hyderabad has been witnessing massive protests over derogatory comments made by Telangana BJP MLA T Raja Singh. Singh was arrested for making outrageous statements against Prophet Mohammed and hurting the religious sentiments of people. However, he soon secured bail.

In Hyderabad today, protesters are hitting the streets chanting controversial slogans calling for the beheading of Raja Singh. Though the BJP suspended Singh, the question is why is the BJP nurturing leaders like Raja Singh, who have made similar provocative statements on many occasions in the past. Not so long ago, we saw how comments by Nupur Sharma created a huge uproar in the country. Nupur Sharma was also suspended from the BJP.

The latest episode involving Raja Singh shows that clearly, BJP's suspension politics is not working. Prema Sridevi UnBreaks this News for you!