Noida twin tower demolition, is a lesson to many builders

Noida Twin Tower Demolition: Who Will Demolish The Builder-Authority Nexus? Unbreak the News

Noida twin towers were demolished on Sunday on the directions of the Supreme Court but who will demolish the Builder-Authority nexus? Watch this latest episode of UnBreak the News with Prema Sridevi!
First Published: Aug 29,2022 11:43PM

Twin Tower Demolition


On Sunday, the Supertech Twin Towers in Noida, which were taller than the Qutub Minar and deemed as India’s tallest building, were razed to the ground. 3700 kgs of explosives were used to destroy the building nearly nine years after desperate residents knocked on the doors of the court alleging various violations. The demolition was showed live on various channels and thousands thronged to watch the twin towers fall and it soon started trending on social media. But the untold stories are of those tens of thousands of homebuyers in the Noida, Greater Noida region who have been moving from pillar to post after several builders fleeced their hard earned life savings. Prema Sridevi UnBreaks this News for you!

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