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Virginity Test In India: Age-old Practice Still Prevalent

By Pavitra Utgikar

The abominable practice of virginity tests and the two-finger tests are carried out even today in India. While some communities practice it with impunity, in many cases, law enforcement agencies, medical practitioners routinely carry out the tests and even a few courts have institutionalised it through their orders, reports Pavitra Utgikar.

Wrestlers Protest: Delayed Justice Is Denied Justice

By Pavitra Utgikar

For days, several wrestlers have been protesting at Jantar Mantar in Delhi against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, who is accused of sexual harassment of seven players, including a minor. After much dilly-dallying, FIRs were finally lodged in the case, but here’s why the victims may never get justice.

Delhi Hospital Packs Newborn In Sealed Box: Baby Dies, Family Awaits Justice

By Pavitra Utgikar

A live baby was declared dead and packed in a sealed cardboard box by LNJP hospital in Delhi. The family alleges that the baby died after the government hospital failed to provide emergency care to the newborn. Did the hospital indulge in a cover-up? So far, the Delhi government has not ordered an independent enquiry into the matter or provided any relief to the grieving parents. Pavitra Utgikar reports for The Probe.

Man-Animal Conflict On The Rise In Delhi-NCR

By Pavitra Utgikar

Recently, a dog was brutally beaten to death in Noida, and two days later, the guards in a society in Greater Noida attacked another community dog. Animal lovers say they are seeing an unprecedented rise in instances of man-animal conflict in Delhi-NCR. The laws in India are not equipped to protect animals from cruelty, writes Pavitra Utgikar.

Bengaluru Hostel Terror: Girls Reveal Shocking Details

By Pavitra Utgikar

Inmates of the Bengaluru-based BCM Girls Hostel, which falls under the Karnataka Backward Classes Welfare Department (BCWD), reveal shocking details of harassment. The state government authorities administering the hostel tell us that disciplinary action has been initiated against the hostel warden, but Pavitra Utgikar of The Probe finds the contrary.