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Gang-rape Of Class 5 Student: Delhi MCD Schools Continue To Be A Ticking Time Bomb

By Vikas Mavi

Recently, a Class 5 student was allegedly gang-raped by a peon working in an MCD-run school and his three accomplices in Delhi. The incident exposed major security lapses in the schools. This deep-dive investigative report reveals the ground situation in MCD schools in the national capital. Schools without security guards or attendants; whiskey bottles and used injection syringes strewn all around in school premises; teenagers caught on tape having marijuana; cows and buffaloes grazing in the school lawns; cigarettes, beedis and used matches thrown all around in classrooms - MCD schools in Delhi are a disaster waiting to happen.

Defaced and Scarred for Life: Kashmir Acid Attack Victim Alleges Govt Apathy

By Vikas Mavi

In February last year, Anisa Nissar became a victim of a cold-blooded acid attack in Downtown Srinagar. Following the incident, the government in Kashmir assured complete assistance to the victim in bringing the perpetrators to justice and aiding the victim in getting medical relief. A year on, the victim’s family has been moving from pillar to post for treatment, begging and pleading with the authorities for aid.