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Gurugram cyber bullying case transferred to CB-CID by NHRC for reinvestigation: The Probe impact

Manav's parents had alleged their son was cyber murdered. After the family pursued the case rigorously for a year, the NHRC stepped in to transfer the case from Haryana police to the CB-CID.

By The Probe
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The Probe had reported on the story of 17-year-old Manav Singh who had committed suicide by jumping off from the 11th floor balcony of his Gurugram apartment on May 4th last year. Manav’s parents had told The Probe that their son was a victim of “cyber murder”.

After pursuing the case for almost a year, Manav’s parents are now a step closer to justice for their son. “I am very happy to know that the National Human Rights Commission has finally transferred our son’s case to the CB-CID. The Haryana police were initially not even willing to register an FIR in the matter. When no media was reporting on this issue, The Probe had taken it up even before its launch. I really am grateful to NHRC and The Probe for their support but justice still is a long way,” said Manoj Kumar, victim Manav Singh’s father.

While transferring the case, the NHRC stated: “The Commission has considered the materials placed on record. From the perusal of the report, it is apparent that the enquiry report is silent about any arrests made in the matter nor sent the mobile phones for forensic on time. Further, without obtaining the mobile phone data report, snapchat, instagram from FSL, Madhuban, the police has filed a final report in the matter. The facts and manner of investigation done by the present IO is nothing but a vitiated investigation which cannot rise to a valid chargesheet. The complainant has also pointed out various lapses in the investigation, which also suggests that the present investigation by the present IO seems to fail to follow the basic principle and procedures of law. The Commission is of the view that there has not been a fair investigation, hence, transfers the matter to the CB-CID for reinvestigation.”

The NHRC has directed the Principal Secretary, Home Department of Haryana to get the case reinvestigated by the CB-CID and get an action taken report submitted in eight weeks to the Commission. The NHRC has also directed the Investigation Officer to enquire the role of the police and the IOs for committing lapses during the investigation and initiate suitable action against the officers if found guilty.

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