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Sudden Spurt in Cyber Security Breaches, Govt Accounts Targeted

First Published: Apr 21,2022 06:22PM

Cyber Crisis

Several Indian government accounts, including the account of the UGC, the IMD, the account of the UP CMO and scores of other handles, were recently hacked. According to data released by the government, more than 600 social media accounts of the central government were hacked in the last five years. Experts say this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Dr Gulshan Rai, former Director General, CERT-In

Dr Karnika Seth, cyber law expert and author

Prasanto K Roy, former Vice President, NASSCOM

Pavan Duggal, cyber law expert

Tejasi Panjiar, Capstone Fellow, Internet Freedom Foundation

Khushbu Jain, cyber lawyer

Rohin Garg, Associate Policy Counsel, Internet Freedom Foundation

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