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Ajnara Homes Buyers Stranded by Unfulfilled Promises

Ajnara Homes buyers in Greater Noida grapple with broken promises and bureaucratic obstacles to secure their flats. Despite full payments, residents tirelessly navigate red tape for rightful ownership.

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In Greater Noida, a group of disgruntled homebuyers gather every Sunday to voice their grievances against what they describe as the builder mafia. These individuals, who have invested their savings into purchasing flats, have faced continuous disappointment due to unfulfilled promises by their builders. Among the protesters are many residents of Ajnara Homes, who report that the builder is yet to honour the commitments, leaving their living situation precarious.

Chandan Sinha, President of the Apartment Owners' Association at Ajnara Homes, shared his frustrations about the lack of amenities promised years ago. "The facilities we were shown in the brochure and promised by the builder—including a fully operational club and a children's play area—remain uncompleted," Sinha said. "If even 40% of the money we've paid were actually spent on the society, it would not only enhance our living environment but also improve its reputation significantly. However, the parent company of the builder seems to be diverting all the funds collected from the apartment residents."

Shashi Ranjan Kumar, another buyer at Ajnara Homes, expressed his ongoing struggles with the registration of his flat. "I paid the full amount necessary for registration when I purchased the flat. The builder assured me that the registration would be completed by the following month," Kumar recounted. "Four years have passed, and the registration has still not been processed. The builder continues to postpone it each month without providing a clear explanation. The authorities have informed us that they have transferred between 23 to 25 crore rupees to the builder, which has not been returned. Until the builder returns this amount, the registration process cannot proceed. Currently, everything is at a standstill."

The continuous delays and unfulfilled promises have left many residents in a state of limbo, with their significant financial investments hanging in the balance.

Homebuyers Say Builder Broke Promises

Despite fully paying for their residences, many owners at Ajnara Homes in Greater Noida find themselves deprived of basic amenities and entangled in relentless bureaucratic challenges, as they strive to get their properties officially registered. The conflict intensifies as buyers are caught between the builder's financial disputes with local authorities and their own needs for proper housing.

Rajkamal Mishra, a resident of Ajnara Homes, expressed his frustration over the situation. "The builder was given the land by the authority, he constructed our flats, and then sold them to us without settling his financial obligations with the authority. Why should we, the buyers, suffer from this dispute?" Mishra questioned, highlighting the undue burden placed on innocent purchasers.

Dipankar Kumar, Senior Vice President of NEFOWA, pointed out the financial repercussions for buyers stemming from administrative delays. "The cost of registration has significantly increased due to changes in the circle rate over time. We've essentially suffered a considerable financial loss because of these ongoing issues," Kumar explained.

As grievances mount, the sentiment of betrayal among buyers grows stronger, with accusations that the builder has misappropriated their funds while local authorities remain largely unresponsive.

Bhupinder Singh, Treasurer of the Apartment Owners' Association at Ajnara Homes, accused the builder of plotting to siphon off maintenance funds. "The builder's intention is to continue controlling the funds directly, preventing the handover of the society to its rightful managers—the AOA. Once we gain control, we intend to use our funds for essential improvements such as painting, horticulture, and security enhancements," Singh stated, outlining plans for once they overcome the builder's resistance.

As the struggle continues, the residents demand resolution and accountability, urging the authorities to intervene and rectify the prolonged injustices they face.

Disillusioned Residents Withhold Votes Amid Unresolved Housing Issues

Residents express profound disillusionment with the government, accusing it of neglecting their appeals for help. Frustrated by the unaddressed issues regarding the registration of their flats and access to basic amenities, many have decided to abstain from voting in the current elections. 

Amit Shukla, a buyer voiced his frustration: "After investing Rs. 45 lakhs, which included loans and personal savings, the builder still denies us possession of our legally bought property," Shukla shared. "When confronted, the builder's response was dismissive, suggesting we seek legal recourse without showing any intention to resolve the issue."

Chandan Sinha, explained a dubious practice by the builder. "The builder charges new buyers a transfer fee equivalent to the registration costs and sells the property without completing the registration. This scheme benefits the builder financially from both the transfer and the sale, all while avoiding the costs associated with formal registration," Sinha stated.

The buyers' plight has led them to seek intervention from various authorities, including the builder, the district magistrate's office, and even the office of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, but to no avail.

Amit Shukla recounted his personal hardships stemming from this ordeal. "I purchased this flat for my late mother, hoping to fulfill her dreams. Now, burdened with both rent and mortgage payments, I find myself trapped in a financial quagmire, still fighting for a home that should have been mine years ago," Shukla lamented.

Dinkar Pandey, a former Vice President and member of NEFOWA, also shared his experience. "Despite continuous engagements with officials and regular protests, our situation remains unchanged. Even after a promising meeting with the Chief Minister, there has been no progress. Our appeals seem to be caught in a bureaucratic loop, with little hope for a swift resolution," Pandey expressed.

​​Ajnara Homes Buyers Continue to Struggle as RERA and Government Responses Fall Short

As the grievances of the buyers escalate, their appeals for assistance seem to be met with bureaucratic responses rather than real solutions. The builder, when approached, refused to comment on the issues. In contrast, the U.P. Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) provided a detailed but standard reply to The Probe outlining their efforts.

According to RERA, they are addressing the delays in 18 projects, which include approximately 9,000 units, using provisions from sections 8, 6, and 37 of the RERA act. They have also commissioned an expert study to analyse the delays and failures in several legacy projects in Noida and Greater Noida, resulting in a report that has influenced policy recommendations at the state government level.

Despite these efforts described by RERA, the impact on the ground for buyers like Amit Shukla appears negligible. Shukla, in a poignant appeal, urged the Yogi government to acknowledge the simplicity of resolving his case and the profound impact such a resolution could have. "This is about my life's savings. I spent years working to afford this flat. I’m begging the government to intervene and help me reclaim my home and my investment from the builder. This was my mother's dream," Shukla stated, his voice filled with desperation.

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