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A Delicate Balance

By Shalini Singh

Life is a delicate balance of a tightrope walk between a spiritual life and an ordinary one. A spiritual life demands utmost attentiveness. It is not a casual walk in the park.

Let Go

By Shalini Singh

What do we want to let go off? A person? A place? A habit? An unpleasant incident? A desire? A loss? A betrayal? An obsession? And if we want to be free, why can't we let go? What is it that keeps us chained to our misery?

Hey Ram

By Alok Vajpayee

Mahatma Gandhi's mind reveals both the individual and collective shaping of India's mind. Why does Ram hold the place he does in the Indian psyche? Also, why is Krishna difficult for people?

Pay Attention

By Shalini Singh

Pay Attention: The same mind, with the same problems, will not create a solution. To move to a higher frequency, you have to trash a lot of what you think you know. Most of all, be present in the moment.